Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning in Pomona Makes You A Happy and Clean Home Owner!

Many Pomona residents have tried our carpet cleaning service and
been more than happy. It’s your turn to try us now!

At Heaven’s Best carpet cleaning, we strive to give Pomona residents the best they deserve. Several Pomona home owners have already tried and loved our cleaning jobs. We want you to take a turn next!

carpet (3)All Your Interiors Can be Clean in One Appointment!
Our cleaning services are not limited to carpets alone, but cover all difficult domestic and commercial cleaning chores like cleaning tiles/grout, upholstery, hardwood flooring and area rugs. We are as competent in all of these services as we are in carpet cleaning. You can avail of one or more of these services in a single appointment, and we promise to manage all the tasks as efficiently as possible so as to minimize your inconvenience and save time.

If the carpets in your house have been accidentally stained with pet urine, red wine, or the likes, we can provide specialized treatments that are intense enough to wipe away the eyesore, but soft enough to keep your carpets in good health. Heaven’s Best spot remover can clean a variety of spots and stains. Our technicians will let you know upfront about the results you can expect so that there is no room for surprises.

Super-fast Drying Time of 1 Hr!
Any description of Heaven’s Best as a carpet cleaner in Pomona would be incomplete if we don’t mention our unique selling point i.e. the fast drying time.We get your carpets dried within an hour after cleaning is complete. Unlike other cleaning companies that still use lot of water or steam for cleaning, we use low-moisture based cleansers that do not soak or over-wet your carpets, thereby helping them dry much faster. So you now don’t have to wait for 24-48 hours, after a cleaning job, to start using your carpets again; you can resume regular work in a matter of hours!

We also do Conventional Steam Cleaning / Hot Water Extraction
If you trust steam cleaning or hot water extraction more than dry carpet cleaning, then we do offer steam cleaning too! We will explain you the ins and outs of the both approaches and then go with whatever cleaning method you are most comfortable with. Your priority and choice is ours!

You can call us at 909-481-4430 or fill out the short estimate request form by the top right side of the website.If you prefer to give us more details, use the Schedule Appointment page instead.

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